mondays in the market

for the past year, the wine list at matt’s in the market has been evolving nearly as quickly as the food.  though there remain more than enough affordable options, those that are pricier tend to be more appealing.  isn’t it convenient, then, that half priced bottle of wine night has been installed on mondays?


though the light from the glowing market sign makes for a beautifully surreal and entirely unique dinner environment, taking color-accurate pictures is nearly impossible.  the sweet potato gnocchi was such a happy orange when it was in front of me that i cringe at the lumps i’m showing you here.

that’s actually a profiterole under that seared foie, and inside it is pistachio espuma.  the effect is both rich in flavor and light on the tongue.  the animal rights activists clearly have not experienced this dish.

it’s surprisingly difficult to find an open restaurant on mondays.  it’s a quiet dining out night, which results in potable incentives, mellow dining rooms, unstressed service, and the ability to walk in reservation free.  as a guest, it’s easy to tell when a restaurant has the time to make things the best they can be.

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~ by patmybutter on January 31, 2009.

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