i need my liver, you don’t!

for the second friday in a row, northwest animal rights activists spent a couple of cold hours in front of lark, quacking about foie gras.

last week it was a relatively mild, inoffensive protest and the night within the restaurant proceeded as usual.  this week, however, the sign bearers (“how much cruelty can you swallow?”) pressed their bundled up bodies to the large front windows and began chanting, increasing to screams when the door would open.  “we are here to let you know!  foie gras has got to go!”.  not much rhymes with foie gras, so they had to get creative.


the protesters wielded duck masks and sign, one person donned a full on duck costume, and they were joined by a van with a big screen tv displayed through a rear window.  the van was parked on the street, with the screen facing through larks large front windows, and showed geese, pictures of barbed wire and “keep out” signs posted around hudson valley foie gras property.  well, of course, they didn’t want these nutty duck impersonators to get in.

foie gras sales shot up during the protests, as diners ordered the succulent lobe both in rebellion against their disturbed dinner and, for the uninitiated, because of a piqued curiosity.  both lark’s foie gras terrine, currently with kumquat vanilla bean marmalade, and seared foie gras with carmelized pear are so decadent and glorious they could only have come from happy geese.

just ask anthony bourdain.


~ by patmybutter on January 27, 2009.

One Response to “i need my liver, you don’t!”

  1. Hey Kate- That is crazy. What a shame they pick a place like Lark to protest, where you focus on the local and seasonal (if I remember correctly). What a waste of time. I’m glad to see you link to that article, and maybe you should print up a few to hand out next week. let them know that their ducky friends will willingly gorge themselves w/ corn if it is provided. Nelson and I are making some foie gras at home next weekend, and if you lived in Chicago, I’d invite you over. Wish us luck, it’s our first time cooking it.
    xo- Jenna

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