for the many-th time this week, i got called off of work. seattleites don’t go anywhere in the snow, much less out to dinner.

well, a few of them went to just-opened oddfellows, i found, when i stopped there for a mid-way-home hot toddy. the space is airy and open and the gears of the restaurant, from the beer coolers to the stove, are visible. the restaurant personality of each owner (linda derschang and ericka burke) can be seen through out the place, rustic exposed wood blended with bright white window frames and long rows of tables pushed together. there was something inspiring about seeing the two ladies chatting quietly and eyeing the dining room together while i was there.

it took cafĂ© presse to prove how beautiful an early-to-late, all day food, read your paper and drink coffee or have a martini and chat, kind place is. oddfellows starts at 7 am with oatmeal and ends late with french dip; everything in-between appears to be simple, approachable, and affordable. i managed to restrain myself from ordering one of the fruit loop rice krispie treats, but i’ll be back.

Oddfellows Cafe & Bar on Urbanspoon


~ by patmybutter on December 23, 2008.

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