i really wanted to love veil.  i thought the cool, white decor was beautiful, though i felt a bit uncomfortable sitting in it.  lobster and mac and cheese are some of my favorite foods, and i wanted them to be extraordinary together.  they were just expensive together.  

yet i was still oddly sad when i heard veil was closing this week, though i haven’t been there in well over a year.  maybe it’s that i’m being forced to consider the economy, when i’ve tried so hard to ignore it…i’m hoping this isn’t one of the first reflections of the stock market (etc) we will see in the restaurant industry.

then again, there aren’t many people i know who have been to veil in the past couple years.  it’s unfortunate, because i can’t help but think that a consistently full restaurant would have given them the confidence to keep their food daring, as it was first reputed to be.  i also feel confident that if veil had been born in belltown, it’s life would have been very different.  

veil’s open the rest of this week and having a good-bye party saturday night.

Veil on Urbanspoon

~ by patmybutter on October 15, 2008.

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