i work at a small seattle restaurant.  it’s well-loved and well-recognized and puts me in the company of many people who love food and restaurants.  and for the past two months, all these people have been talking about is poppy, jerry traunfeld of the herbfarm’s new restaurant on broadway.  who got hired there, when they’re opening, and last week that they took the paper off the windows!!!  despite the fact that i’m excited (the concept and menu sound intriguing), i can’t believe the conversation this restaurant is generating.  even among the sea of foodies within which i live, it’s a challenge for me to name anyone who’s been to the herbfarm.  

the paper is off the windows, however, and in just a couple short weeks i may have a reason to brave broadway.  

as cool as poppy probably will be, i can’t help but be a little more excited about anything opening within a block of my house.  which is why i’ve been watching the action in the small space next to kell’s in post alley very closely.  a name (“post”) was finally painted on an outside wall last week, and my hopes were realized when i learned that it was, indeed, a bar/restaurant, and will make my late night food options just a bit brighter.  it will be a “european style casual restaurant and bar”, serve lunch and dinner, and take advantage of puget sound views with outdoor seating.  hard to argue with that.


~ by patmybutter on September 12, 2008.

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