it was a cold july day that i noticed the little booth somewhere between the doughnut place and the magazine stand in pike place market.  there wasn’t much to it, a few sausages in the display case, a couple more hanging in the fridge in the back, and a sign that said creminelli.  there were also samples.  two flavors of salami were offered, but i couldn’t get beyond the tartufo.  not only was the salami wonderfully fresh (not tough and chewy, the reasons why i rarely love salami), but the truffle cast just a cool shadow of flavor without being assertive.  

and so, the quarter-sized piece of meat, even thought may have been sitting out in the doughnut oil filled air, made me an instantly faithful follower of this salumi artisan, named cristiano creminelli.  it’s an italian name.  


though the creminelli family has been saluminating for hundreds of years in italy, cristiano moved the business to the states less than two years ago.  based in springfield, ut, the salamis and sausages are gradually migrating from state to western state.  

though you can practically see the ham packed display cases of de laurenti’s from the creminelli spot, i like to think that they will form a niche of their own.  though the meat isn’t cheap (a link of the truffle salami was about $15), the quality is high enough to make it an occasionally justifiable treat.  choice cuts from organically fed piggies on small farms combined with patient, traditional production makes it so.


~ by patmybutter on September 9, 2008.

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