old rosé

i’ve always liked rosés, in part, because of their straightforward nature.  any one will pair with nearly any food, or no food at all.  the vintage isn’t terribly important, and age is rarely helpful.  i know i prefer my rosés on the pale side, but otherwise love the lack of rules surrounding them.  

rosés are about the fruit, of which age is generally the enemy.  and so to see that the lopez de heredia “vina tondonia” rioja was a 1997 and not a 2007, was a surprise.  it was also, however, wonderfully delicious.  it’s a beautiful, pale copper color, and smells like cherries and spices.  the flavor is rich and complex, a little minerally, with a distinct sherry-like quality.  

while at work, i opened it for a table a month or so ago.  the woman sniffed, then tasted, then suggested it was off, or just too old. she had me taste it, and i did.  it was lovely.  funky, yes, but in all the right ways.  i gently told her so, but her mind was made up.  that was fine, i took it back for the staff to drink.  

i found it for $23.99 online.

~ by patmybutter on July 21, 2008.

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