it seems that there are more pluots and apriums at pike place market this summer than there are plums and apricots.  why would i want a purebred melon either?

i wouldn’t.  that’s why i had to try “orange fleshed honeydew” when i saw it at frank’s. that’s a pretty lame name, so i prefer to refer to it as a cantadew.  i canta do with just one kind of melon.  

the outside of the melon looks just like a honeydew, though these were smaller than most honeydews.  it’s smooth and green, with none of the netting that comes on a cantaloupe. on the inside – looks like a honeydew, except everything’s orange. because it is, i fully expected cantaloup flavor.  but to my very pleasant (cantaloups aren’t my melon of choice) surprise, it was honeydew flavored.  and a richer, more flavorful honeydew than most.

i could have easily finished off the melon on my own – though, for me this is the case with most melons.  as delicious as it was, i didn’t find the cantadew to have any significant advantages over green honeydew.  in general, i don’t have an issue with genetically modified foods – i love seedless watermelon, eat my share of apriums  – but with this fruit, i just don’t see the value of it.  

~ by patmybutter on July 14, 2008.

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