being the new person sucks.

no one at a new restaurant job cares where on the totem pole you were at your last job, how well you can do easy tasks, or that there are a certain number of things that you can figure out by just watching others; a new person is always at the bottom

everything will be explained to you, often more than once, “this is a bread knife”, “this is where the wine glasses are”, “this is a port glass”.  on the flip side, however, as a new person you also feel like a blind person who needs to get more information before even using the restroom – i really did have to ask, “is there a staff bathroom or do we use the main one?”

“use what you got!” i get told, though, had i done this without first investigating i may well have been chastised for not using the staff restroom i hadn’t noticed in the basement.

and yet, i’m thrilled to have this job, and am willing to grit my teeth through the learning process, as you must do in order to be paid.

the goal of my recent job search was  1) to wrangle one of the highest paying serving jobs in the city (one of the major challenges being just figuring out where this was) 2) to work in a place that truly cares about food, that is careful about hiring people who care about food and 3) to be able to learn about food and wine while i’m working.

thus far, at least, it appears as though i’ve been successful.   


~ by patmybutter on February 10, 2008.

One Response to “being the new person sucks.”

  1. you are so great, i can just imagine you saying these things. i love this creation of yours, your blog. so excited for you.

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