you don’t have to be able to spell feierabend…

…to have a good bratwurst there.  i’m still not even sure i’m spelling it right.  we’d been apartment hunting.   do i even need to add that i was hungry?  slogging through knee-deep carpet in an otherwise lovely space, learning cats are forbidden in a cavernous dwelling on a quiet street, or being expected to believe that being able to see the space needle (when you crouch down and have binoculars) is worth bending my budget for?  i needed a bratwurst.

conveniently, we’d also borrowed a car and were able to get to south lake union with relative ease.  feierabend, which quite accurately refers to itself as “south lake union’s german style tavern”, is wisely tucked among the briskly rising seattle style condos that suddenly crowd the area and the apartment section of craigslist.

a line of unfamiliar looking taps greeted us as we plopped at the bar.  the menu wisely included a taste profile of each bier, though what drew my attention with more speed was the gewertzed gerken ($4), two fried pickles with curry ketchup and optimator mustard.  my excitement was stifled when my co-lunch eater rolled his eyes at me.

acquiescing to the less adventurous eater, we settled on a beet salad with feta cheese and toasted candied walnuts ($6) as well as the bratwurst sandwich mit pommes frittes ($9). 


the food arrived leisurely, but i barely noticed until our waitress promised it’d be here there soon – feierabend is a comfy place to hang out.  considering it’s a tavern, the windows are plentiful and, at least as long as it’s still light out, an unhurried lunch atmosphere pervades.

though i’d attempted to skip a mid-afternoon drink (doesn’t sound like me, i know) our waitress banged a glass mug down in front of me, explaining it’d been a mistake and why didn’t we try it?  it was a free drink, so i drank it.  i know that, in order to give a complete account, i should be able to at least recount the name of the beer – alas, i cannot (and not even  because i proceeded to try every other beer).  what i can say is that it was dark and thick, but not as heavy as guinness, and tasted of toasted sesame.

our food showed up, we ate it.  judging from the look of it, it was unlikely that the bratwurst, kraut, ketchup and mustard were going to stay on their essential baking baguette, so we did away with the lid of the sandwich and went at it with forks.

the fries were salty like i like them, but mainly served as vehicles for the unexpectedly delicious curry ketchup.

the beets and arugula carried my ideal amount of a tart dressing, the not-too-sweet walnuts (which looked very similar to what i imagine squirrel brains look like) added crunch.

if i were forced to sum up the various elements of my lunch, i’d call them satisfying but unsurprising.  there are times, however, when all you want is a filling brat to go with your beer and not a surprise at all.  that’s when i’d send you to fierabend.  or feirabend.  or feierabend.   


~ by patmybutter on January 13, 2008.

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