when i began to spread the news down the branches of my social network that i was moving across the country (for the second time in a year) for a guy, i generally faced two responses.  the first was a pupil-hiding eye roll with an incredulous, and rather disdainful, “you’re doing what?  why?!”  i will admit, hypocritically, that this probably would have been my own reaction had a friend delivered me the news as their own.

i was able, however, to follow through with this (perhaps nutty) plan thanks to the occasional second response:  the face lights up and i’m told, genuinely, even, “oh, congratulations!  that’s so sweet!”

stupid or sweet, i’m in seattle and, after five days full of wistful new york thoughts about momofuku, forever 21, and efficient public transportation,  am still feeling positive about my relocation.  in fact, i’m seeing seattle in a new light, and only a few rays of it are devoted to what the city’s missing.

suddenly things have become more manageable.  deciding where to eat is no longer so daunting that i rarely make it somewhere new.  keeping up with food happenings doesn’t require checking every fifteen minutes.  though there may be less overall activity, here there are fewer people vying for my reservation.  i can find a chair in a coffee shop.  here, it’s rare that i have to flash a bartender to get a drink on a friday.  i don’t ask for much.   


~ by patmybutter on January 4, 2008.

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